AIMSPRO - A New Age Solution for an Old Age Condition

AIMSPRO in Alzheimer’s Disease

At Daval International, we believe that, in AIMSPRO, we may have the next efficacious Alzheimer's disease medication which has a decade-long proven safety record in human patients.

AIMSPRO is a potent anti-inflammatory, natural, biological therapy developed by Daval International Limited that has the proven capacity to switch off damaging pro-inflammatory processes at the molecular level, thus allowing the injured site to repair itself and prevent additional tissue damage.

In human case studies of Alzheimer’s patients, AIMSPRO has stabilised the scores in some patients and in other cases, reversal trends were observed.

These results are very encouraging, as other well-publicised studies have been reported to show limited efficacy by reducing a decline in scores but not by actually reversing the scores as was achieved by treatment with AIMSPRO.


Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia and the past decade has seen very little in the way of progress in drug development. Research initiatives have stalled due to the high failure rate of candidate drug but the global problem is growing apace. In 2015 dementia was already affecting 47.5 million people worldwide and by 2030 it is estimated that there will be 75.6 million people with the disease. The World Health Organisation estimated that the global cost of dementia care in 2010 was US$604 billion!


  • We are looking to fund a phase 2 placebo-controlled clinical trial of AIMSPRO in Alzheimer dementia.
  • AIMSPRO was approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as a ‘Special’ over seven years ago and since that time it has been prescribed by doctors on countless occasions and tested in two small clinical trials. AIMSPRO was proven to be safe, well tolerated and no adverse effects have ever been reported to the MHRA.
  • Ten of the world’s regulatory agencies have agreed that they must and will support innovation and focus on accelerated regulatory pathways for dementia medicines.
  • As far as we know AIMSPRO is well ahead of other products in the global pipeline and therefore an early sale or licence to a major pharmaceutical company can be realistically anticipated.
  • Most importantly, having conducted several independently led confirmatory studies we understand the Mechanism of Action, which will withstand peer and regulatory scrutiny.
  • AIMSPRO has extensive patent protection.
  • No further product development is required.

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